About AdaptivEndo

Our Mission

AdaptivEndo is dedicated to the advancement of flexible, single-use endoscopes that reduce a patient’s risk and increase access to care. We combine the best aspects of a single-use device with the performance of a high-quality, reusable system that will innovate and disrupt endoscopy. Innovation and solving problems are our passion.


The concept for a hybrid flexible endoscope was developed by AdaptivEndo’s founder, Ed Fancher, President of Inventio, Inc., to solve the quality versus cost/waste issue that was inherent to all conventional single-use (fully discarded) flexible endoscopes. After developing the general approach to the technical challenges associated with a hybrid flexible endoscope, Ed began working with Galen Powers, CTO for SIDIS Global, during 2015 to better understand the state of the single-use and re-usable flexible endoscope market, as well as the state of various technologies, including image sensors.

During early 2016, Ed and Galen began discussing this disruptive endoscopy opportunity with Nigel Ferrey, CEO and the team at SIDIS Global.

At the launch of AdaptivEndo, the company focused on two primary two goals.  First, to assemble an experienced world class medical device development team. Second, to refine the early innovative concepts and develop products that make endoscopy more available, safe and effective.


AdaptivEndo continues to innovate while working on regulatory approval and preparing for potential partnerships for scale up.

Simultaneous to investing in the AdaptivEndo vision, SIDIS Global was in the process of rehabbing former 19th century manufacturing building located at 900 East Main Street, Louisville, KY. The building was subsequently dedicated as the SIDIS Center and houses AdaptivEndo, Lifelines Neuro, another SIDIS held company, as well as other businesses, an event space, and an award-winning restaurant.

AdaptivEndo is Powered by SIDIS


SIDIS is a privately held, purpose-driven company that invests in and manages market-leading life science companies to advance human health globally. With strong core values of integrity, passion and efficiency, they are focused on diverse business nodes ranging from cutting edge bio-instrumentation to next generation medical devices.

"My passion to develop an innovative approach to single-use endoscopy dates back more than a decade when I was part of a team that worked on the first successfully marketed single-use cholangioscope. This sparked a desire to solve the broader issue of scope contamination, while enhancing clinical capabilities and minimizing the cost and waste associated with a traditional single-use endoscope.” 

- Hershel (Ed) Fancher, PE - Founder & President

At Work

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A great product team, like a symphony orchestra, possesses a variety of diverse skills and approaches but works seamlessly together to design a product that is both technologically advanced and a reduction to the simplest organic design dictated by the needs of the user.

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The team's talents include: minimally invasive device design, industrial design, user experience design, materials, packaging design, design verification & validation, risk management, design for manufacturability, cost reduction, and regulatory. The AdaptivEndo team is self-motivated to learn about our industry and emerging technologies. 

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The AdaptivEndo team also understands that the development process is messy, never linear, and a series of repetitive refinements. Therefore, we try never to take ourselves too seriously, understanding that “expert” is a relative term and the best solutions are chosen only after all the lesser choices are demonstrated.

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Fueling Creativity and Maintaining Focus

We make the effort to celebrate successes, both small and large. We also encourage each other to pursue our passions outside of work.

The diverse passions of our team members, outside of work, may surprise you. Our team includes, a world-class wildlife photographer, a high-speed drone racer, a former competitive bicyclist, a part-time sailor, and an avid hiker. Our passion both at work and away is what gives us “focus.”

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